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  1. How do you get to meet all of your blogger friends…i wish I lived in nyc. anyways, i totally feel you on demi’s knee lift. i’ve often contemplated going into hiding and coming out a year or 2 later looking incredibly surgically enhanced – yet still incredible.

  2. BWAH! Let’s go away to the same hiding place..maybe we can sign up some other bloggers and get a group rate! 😉

  3. (1) Your friend’s outfit in that second pic is uber-cute!

    (2) Holy crap, you have the actual diary!!!!??? That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @GeorgeB, aka Dad.

    Kermit: I’m not a sailor, I’m a frog.
    Femme Fatale: Eh, cut the small talk and buy me a drink.
    Femme’s BF: Is he bothering you?
    Femme: Yes, he touched me!
    BF: Go vash, you’ll get varts.
    Kermit: That’s just a myth.
    BF: A what?
    Kermit: Myth! Myth!
    Lady: Yes?

  5. hahah.. maybe you can write a book, ‘ i feel bad about my knees..’ a bloggers coming of age story.

    wendy, it was both a pleasure meeting you back in august… AND interviewing you! so much fun! thank you!

  6. wouldn’t i just love to meet you!!?? then i would be able to say i’ve met a famous person!! and indeed, you are definetly a source of inspiration!! ^^

  7. I love Jennine too! And you gave a dog the Heimlich Maneuver once? lol
    Awesome…for you, not the dog nearly choking of course. I don’t have any accomplishment worth mentioning except for the fact that i walked from time square to where I used to live on 151st… needless to say, it was extremely painful to walk the next day.

  8. Okay,on the knees..I have similar elbows.use your face cream on them.Climbing stairs or using the hills feature on treadmills helps a lot to firm up legs.I swear!!
    Though I dont believe you!!!
    I’ ll get my autograph right now so you wont ask”whos that”later !!!

  9. The interview was fabulous- but are you sure you didn’t mean 1999 instead of 1989 on the caption of the photograph? You don’t look much older in your recent pictures..

  10. Hey-ya from yours truly Barnard alumna class of ’92 – Barnard is STILL (and not just formerly) a women’s college. Wendy, you know I would NOT object to a single blessed thing you say due to my lack of qualifications, but on this one tiny subject, I offer this friendly yoo-hoo… Regardless, thanks for mentioning Barnard, because publicity is publicity. Another random Columbia note, my mom graduated from Teacher’s College the same year that the first co-ed Columbia College class graduated – I was a high school student then, attending this graduation and aware of that historic note.

  11. Hmmm, thanks RCT…what I was thinking was that CC students can take classes at Barnard, at least that was the case when I was there, so there were men in class even if they couldn’t be a part of that college. That made it seem not so rigidly all-woman to me even though it still is technically. Overall, I found the schools to be so intertwined that it seemed silly to make distinctions, especially with the schools right next to each other!

  12. I see what you mean, Wendy. The 2 schools (CC and BC) have a contract that specifies how many spaces are reserves in academic courses and housing in each school for the other school’s students. I benefited from cross-registration myself, and lived a year in a co-ed suite in a Barnard residence hall, but I firmly maintain that Barnard is a women’s college, through and through.

    I think the dynamics of the undergraduate colleges at Columbia are unique. I loved it!

  13. No, I actually thought you were in your late twenties for some reason…so the 1989 bit was actually surprising. It’s probably down to fantastic skin. If I knew you in person, I’d probably be badgering you to tell me what you do to keep it looking that way..