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  1. hahahahahahahahaha Wendy your hilarious! Calamine lotion accident and Coco described as elegant! I think i have heard it all! Great post! And is coco’s but real? it cant be can it?

  2. I once saw those Louboutins on ebay ages ago, before everyone, their mothers, and their freakin grandmothers started using it. They went for a measly $115, and I could have kicked myself for not bidding.

    They would have been so cheesily fantastic with the underwater sea creature dresses from the latest Tsumori Chisato collection.

    And Coco? I nearly spit my coffee from laughing!

  3. Shaz, you have hit upon the key question of our times: Is Coco’s ass real? Even as I type, theologians, medical doctors, investigative journalists and perverts all over the world are studying this issue (please note, perverts generally overlap with the other categories). It is truly a mystery. As my friend Monika, a top forensic photo expert, said, “I saw one (photo) that made me question gravity.”

  4. I keep expecting Bones and her crack team of… science-y people to solve the case of Coco’s ass. Ooh. Now there’s a Nancy Drew title.
    I love how happy you look next to the soldier! You are beaming!

  5. !!! Funny that I would forget about Sam in Gatsby when I have a necklace named for Mia Farrow in Gatsby!

  6. Coco is not real. She’s a scientific experiment gone wild, a mix of Jessica Rabbit and Pam Anderson with a rubber ducky. The orbit of her ass gives me motion sickness. Seriously!
    “top forensic photo expert”-BWAH and thanks!

  7. mothra is real… and i just informed him that you have posted about him! i’m sure he is delighted!

    i, by the way am tickled pink…

  8. Jennine, I feel all tingly when you say “Mothra” like that! Thanks re the hair, my husband was mocking it last night. WTF! At least I have hair, Mr. Laugh-Head!

  9. I love your fish shoes posts. You need to get them Wendy, if only to post about diffrent ways of wearing them everyday:)

  10. Seriously, Wendy, I think I get about half of what you write. And you are seriously hysterical. Thanks for making me smile!

  11. That is so cool that you were on the border of North & South Korea, that is one of the places I want to see. Great post! thanks for your comments on my blog! 🙂

  12. Those eyebrows need a good groomer!
    I swear i am stunned into silence every time I see Coco.Those proportions are not real!

  13. Lovely post =)

    Those fish shoes are so cool, i wouldn’t mind owning a pair myself ;).

    My mother watches the law and order too, and i usually join her, she gets so excited and she thinks she’s part of the team, she finds everyone suspicious about the crime. Whatever =) i love that actor’s eyebrows too 😉


  14. LOL!!
    Just a thought on ass jewelry. Why don’t you design something that can be placed in between the cheeks that somehow juts out/peeks out from the top of pants waistline. Coco would luurrrrve it.
    If it’s classy enough, you may even create a market for it!

  15. Wendy your hilarious!!!!!!!!!!.

    LEGGO MY EGGO BITCH. hahaha omg. Wow. I seriously hope they make your size. The fish shoes need your feet.

    I think cocos body is 80% silicon.

  16. wendy, you’re on to something with the ass jewelry… make a poison ring trinket of sorts that opens when you squeeze your buns together… damn, that makes my ass laugh.

  17. oh boy… i really hope you get those fish shoes soon. if you’re so obsessed about them now, i wonder what you will do once you actually get your hands on them. :p

  18. LOL @ BB. There’s something about my big smile that makes me look weirdly and/or inappropriately ecstatic in many pictures. Seriously, someone recently saw an old picture of me with a guy from school and said, “Oh look, you were having a great time” and I wasn’t even SPEAKING to that guy that day and I never spoke to him again because he so offended me. My sister says I have “Betty Rubble” eyes when I smile. Maybe that has something to do with it!