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  1. I’ve never found yellow gold and diamonds all that attractive together, but I just adore the sleek shine of her rings! The contrast is so perfect, it really brings out the best of both.

  2. gorgeous redux!! I’m actually up for a new setting for my 10 year.. so 2.5 years! think you can do a vintage/artdeco/filigree style?? haha

  3. I love the rings and your aesthetic is so fantabulous but seeing the progress, progression and understanding about the stones is every bit as exciting. Craft is just the most wonderful thing to see in progress.

    And a love story ..

  4. Hi my dear-wow, you did a stunning job re-creating the engagement ring, it is exquisite and so very unique looking with the wedding band, well done indeed xxx

  5. I really like how you interpreted the previous style and paid homage to it with the new style. You really put a lot of thought into that project–as you always do with your custom work.

    It’s just beautiful!

  6. Such a sweet story, almost sobbing at my desk! You are so incredible, Wendy. The design was so careful and thoughtful, with an exquisite result!

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  8. What a wonderful re-design of that ring, Wendy! It still has the same vibe as the original, but now it’s clean, classic and timeless.

    Smith – great name and a great background for it.

  9. OK..favorite post ever alert.
    What a beautiful story…and her sons name…great meaning their…but mostly..I enjoyed seeing the before and after shots…you are amazing at what you do..
    PS I LOVE that tiffany band…I looked at it when I got engaged…as a potential wedding band…and the way you worked WITH just beautiful.
    Love it all here.
    Happy weekend.