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  1. Haha. A style like that could only come from the ’80s. Too bad they’re not very practical, because they’d make a great fashion statement with the right outfit!

  2. haha!! his shades look so cute.. but totally impractical. ooh and anne boleyn is REALLY GOOOD!! haah!

    anyhow thanks for d comment!
    i love nicole too!!:D


  3. I thought Kanye’s sunglasses were ridiculous when I first saw them, and I just knew he came up with them, but I guess not!

    Everything old is new again…

  4. I’m on the same boat as In Yr Fshn! As impractical as they are, they’d be really fun to wear, I think.

  5. For some reason, i love them, but maybe only on him, and only for entertaining, i don’t think they would go down to well for everyday wear no?