Carpe Diem Mini Skull Drop Earrings

Carpe Diem Mini Skull Drop Earrings
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  • 18K yellow gold, satin finish. 
  • Extremely rare, fancy-cut black diamonds, totaling 2.54 carats. 
  • White diamonds, totaling 6 points. 
  • Made in New York City.
These earrings combine the ancient jewelry concept of Memento Mori with modern-day gem-cutting technologies in the form of black diamonds cut into a skull shape. I have always been inspired by skulls, as artists have been for centuries. This set is the second in my 3-part Carpe Diem series, which translates to "seize the day." The concepts of memento mori and carpe diem go hand-in-hand, reminding the wearer to live each day to its fullest, as it could be one's last.